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His first thought upon waking up is that it’s still too dark and kind of cold. His eyes feel heavy and his body feels sore. He reaches a hand out to pull the sheets closer to his body and for some reason, the sheets aren't really giving in. He’s sleepy and tired and yanks on them again, only to hear the bed creak as the giant mound of blankets shifts and he manages to croak out an oddly raspy “What the hell!?” before the shifting stops.

“Can't sleep again, Aoi?” the tired voice of the blanket titan is familiar. His own response is nothing better than a disoriented “Huh?”

The mound shifts again, letting out a groan as he uncovers his head from the blankets.

“Perhaps I could lend you a hand?” His mind matches that amused tone of voice with a name and face. But what the hell was Light doing in his room…?

Stifling a yawn, the man next to him turns his body to face him. Junpei can feel him moving under the blankets. He lets out an oddly choked noise as Light grabs a hold of his dick and squeezes him lightly.

“L-Light?!” The man in question chuckles and leans close enough for their noses to touch. Junpei’s dazed by Light’s breath, warm on his cheek. He doesn't fully catch what he says, but from the way he slowly begins to pump him, it’s got something to do with “helping him sleep better.” Not that Junpei has particular problems sleeping, but if that’s the theme for this dream in which he’s already naked, hey, he’s not going to argue with his subconscious over it. Hell, this is a nice change of pace from the usual Phi-centric wet dreams that plague him lately.

He’s moaning with every stroke, his hips twitching out of control. He can't help but squirm under Light every time he whispers something in his ear and groans whenever he tries to fight against him. Light seems particularly amused by his efforts. He lets out a particularly hoarse yelp as Light pins him down underneath him and they end up roughly grinding their bodies together.

He came far sooner than Light, but they were both just as sweaty and disheveled as the other. He was pleasantly dazed, basking in the glory of their bodies sticking together as Light remained on top of him.

“I assume that'll be enough physical activity to tire you back to sleep,” Light chuckled into his neck as he rolled off of him with a tired smirk, “Or do you by chance still require additional assistance?”

Junpei sighs. He can't really complain after getting that kind of attention. Light lightly kisses him on the cheek before resuming his earlier sleeping position, rolled up in the blankets next to him.

He closes his eyes and waits for sleep to take him.


It doesn’t come.

Junpei’s not sure how long it’s been but he’s pretty sure his dream is broken. Light got him off, he should be waking up or going into another dream sequence by now, right?

He opens his eyes. It’s still dark and he feels oddly restless. He turns his head and sees that Light is still an impenetrable fortress of blankets next to him.

So then...what was wrong? Were they supposed to fuck for his subconscious to be satisfied with this dream?

He reaches a hand out towards Light master blanket fortress, but stops before he can even touch him. He sounded pretty tired before...and even if this was a dream, somehow he didn't feel the need to wake him again. What if it turned into a nightmare and he turned into a giant beast and devoured him?! No way in hell was he gonna risk that! Not after such a nice beginning to this dream…

...Wait. This was totally a lucid dream, right? Couldn’t he control the outcome of the dream, then!?

Shutting his eyes and reopening them caused absolutely nothing new to happen.

Well, damn.

He still felt pretty horny...Who could have thought just rubbing up against another guy could feel so fucking good. It was far more intense than the handjob...Somehow, that thought excited him.

He closed his eyes and let out a small sigh as he moved his hand down to grab himself.

Yep. Gettin’ hard.

Satisfied, he began to quickly stroke himself. His dick was already wet from his previous actions with Light, so his hand moved smoothly up and down his shaft. He clicked his tongue and used his fingers to tease the head of his cock. He opened his eyes again to turn to the sleeping man next to him. Not a movement from him.

He wondered how loud he could get without waking him? Or maybe he wanted to wake him. Maybe then they’d fuck? Who knows.

He bit his lower lip and groaned, arching his back as he quickly worked himself into an orgasm.

He laid there for what he felt was probably a half hour before he gave in to the urge to use the bathroom. Not something he normally expected from his dreams, but okay, sure, whatever.

He shivered, wrapping his arms around his body as he stepped around the room, nearly tripping on a pair of boots. He kicked the things aside and stumbled into the bathroom. He groped along the wall for a light switch. Why couldn’t he just clap his hands and turn the light on? Maybe he was just really lousy at this lucid dreaming thing.

His hand finally found the switch. He grinned before throwing it, immediately squinting as the harsh light assaulted his eyes. This was way too fucking bright for a bathroom, damn.

There was...something weird about the mirror. Weird as in it was totally a window and not a mirror, because he could see a topless Aoi Kurashiki squinting back at him, which nearly scared him shitless.

“D-Dude, what the hell, man?! Don't scare me like that…”

What the hell was Aoi doing in his bathroom anyw-- oh SHIT

“W-Woah, wait, is this about Light…?” For some reason, Aoi seemed to be imitating him. He was also strangely not...angry. He looked more freaked out and concerned, if anything. Kind of like how he was--

He raised both arms as high as he could.

So did Aoi.

He frowned and started to wave.

So did Aoi.

He struck a Jojo pose.

So did Aoi.

He slowly lowered his hands…

….As did the reflection on the mirror.

He opened the faucet and filled the sink up with water. He avoided looking at the mirror, but he continued to stare at his(Aoi’s?) hands on the counter. Much lighter than his own.

The moment the sink was mostly full, he stuck his head underwater and screamed.

He coughed upon resurfacing. He figured that should wake him.

He looked up at the mirror.

A perplexed Aoi stared back at him from the mirror.

He stuck his head under again.


After multiple attempts, he realized he wasn't going to wake up any time soon. so he turned his attentions elsewhere.

He ran his hands through wet bangs, brushing them back in what somewhat resembled a wet rat’s version of Aoi’s regular hairstyle.

It would do for now.

He looked back down at his hands. His arms. Aoi had a much more muscular frame than Junpei himself, who was nothing more than a goddamned stick under all those layers. He felt his biceps and flushed. Was his imagination really that good, or was something really fucked up going on here?

EIther way he figured he might as well make the best of it for now and explore that which he wasn't usually privy to.

He rubbed at his chest, tracing every bit of skin and admiring Aoi’s figure. His hips were wider than his own and even though he was way more ripped than Junpei ever would, his shoulders weren't as broad as his own.

He licked his lips and idly wondered if that was something that equate to having made out with Aoi.

He smothered the thought before it could fester.

Slowly, his hands moved down from his chest to his aching erection once more. He had totally gotten off alone before too...Did that mean he technically gave Aoi a handjob? Was masturbation the closest one could get to selfcest?

He must have been really tired or incredibly excited if that’s the direction his mind was taking.

He looked back at Aoi’s reflection in the mirror and began to slowly stroke himself (Aoi?) again.

He leaned back against the wall and watched Aoi get harder with every thrust of his hips. Once more, he began to tease his head, making certain to pay attention to his testicles. He gulped, growing more excited by the second-- he was hoping he could take this at a slower pace than….before he even knew he was Aoi, but….

With a groan, his pace increased. Hips jerking as he brought himself closer to release. He groaned again, a little more loudly this time. It wasn't every day you got to hear Aoi Kurashiki pleasuring himself.

He moved his other hand up to play with his nipple, satisfied at Aoi’s red faced reflection as his hand sped up and his hips punched into the air. With one last groan, his body tensed and shuddered as he came.

He rested against the wall, still gently caressing the aching flesh as Aoi stared at him, dazed.

Somehow, he still couldn't manage to fall back asleep.


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