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Phi's cold hands are on his thighs, sending shivers up his spine as she moves them up and over his hips. Junpei groans as her nails dig into his skin, leaving red marks along the way. He likes the way her mouth feels, wrapped around him. He's at that stage where he can hardly believe the wet heat and firm pressure as his cock slides past her lips and into her mouth.

His toes curl, head thrown back as her teeth graze him and it hurts but it turns him on even more. He moans her name, fingers moving through her hair and tightening the moment he feels her tongue up the underside of his cock. He's quickly turning and twisting his hips, bucking feverishly against Phi's mouth. Junpei whimpers, shaking his head and twitching awkwardly.

He's feeling good, better than he has in months-- but it soon stops as his cock is left exposed and vulnerable. He gasps as he feels her mouth move to his balls and his body jerks in all directions. Her nails dig into him deeper, enough to make him bleed and he yells, eyes screwed shut while she finishes him off.

It's not until he looks back down that he he realizes her face is all wrong; cheekbones a bit more pronounced and eyes that are more on the blue side. There's a knot on his stomach as Aoi Kurashiki grins up at him, mockingly wiping the cum from his mouth.

"How'd you like that, Jumpy?"

Quark shakes him awake, trying to stop the screaming.



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